Groundswell Action Fund was founded by women of color on a simple but revolutionary premise: those who are most excluded from our democracy should be at the center of transforming it.

Groundswell Action Fund (GAF) provides a vehicle to aggregate the resources of individual donors and foundations to support the strongest electoral organizing and power-building efforts led by Black women, women of color, low-income women, and transgender leaders of color across the United States.

In election after election, exit polls demonstrate that of demographic groups Black women are at the vanguard followed by women of color to consistently vote against regressive values and for progressive ones.

Yet, the multibillion-dollar progressive giving landscape still moves over 90 percent of its resources to organizations led by white men. So thorough is the shut out of Black women and women of color from electoral resources that when Groundswell Action Fund launched in 2017 with a $1M gift from an individual donor, we instantly became the largest fund in the country centering giving to Black women and women of color–led electoral organizing and our modest grants easily became among the largest received by some of the premier women of color–led electoral organizing efforts in the country.

Although the majority of people in the United States support social justice—including reproductive justice—the majority of policies and systems do not.

This misalignment of values to policies and systems is overcome only when people, organized into a strong grassroots base that moves collectively to hold decision makers accountable, receive the resources they need to succeed. Today in the wake of an aggressive advancement of white supremacy and unapologetic misogyny at the highest level of corporate and government structures, we are witnessing historic base-building, organizing, and electoral participation. However, without sustained resourcing, this groundswell will not translate into long-term change, especially for the most vulnerable communities.

Founded by both staff and board leadership of women of color who have a shared lived experience with our grantee partners, Groundswell Action Fund understands first-hand the needs and challenges our partners confront. We are committed to an intersectional whole-person model signified by showing up for our partners with and beyond money in a collective commitment to build power to advance race, gender, and economic justice.

Accountable to the Movement

GAF is accountable to and acting in concert with Black women and women of color building lasting political power in their communities, fighting to win on crucial progressive issues, and advancing solidarity-based electoral strategies that expand access to democratic participation for all people.

Key Staff

Board of Directors

Silvia Henriquez

Latosha Brown

Dawn Boudwin

Vanessa Daniel

Kierra Johnson

Kierra Johnson

Jessica Byrd

Chrissie Castro

Rye Young

Michelle Tremillo

Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd