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All* Above All Action Fund is the first reproductive justice effort that builds political power as a catalyst for abortion justice. Our vision is to hold elected officials and candidates accountable so that self-determination, dignity, and personal decision-making are values that drive our legislators and policies. We believe in the power of women of color, young people, immigrants, and LGBTQ folks – in the streets, at work, and at the ballot box. Our communities deserve a generation of brave leaders who will fight for the rights of people who put them in office.

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  • Reproductive Justice
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Founded in 2014, the All* Above All Action Fund builds the political power necessary to lift all bans that deny abortion coverage, including the Hyde Amendment. It advances a vision of self-determination, dignity, and personal decision-making for all women, regardless of race, geography, or income level.

In 2019, the Action Fund launched the All* Above All Road Trip, which stopped in key locations, including debate sites and other Presidential campaign locations, and hosted reproductive justice (RJ) round table conversations with national RJ leaders and presidential campaign staff in Houston, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

These intimate conversations centered communities of color and brought the dialogue on abortion to the national stage. After the pandemic struck, the Action Fund’s leaders continued to speak to the media about abortion and RJ, demanding that all candidates be held accountable on Hyde.

All Above All Action Fund

To anchor relationships within the economic justice sector, the Action Fund partnered with One Fair Wage and Jobs with Justice in the Reimagine Elections campaign, which calls for the lifting of all abortion bans, a $15/hour minimum wage, worker rights in this time of virtual and gig work, and a Supreme Court justice nominee committed to economic and reproductive justice.

To mark the 44th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, the Action Fund broadcast a Facebook live event with Congresswomen Ayanna Pressley and Barbara Lee that had over 7,000 views and calls to repeal the Hyde Amendment. The Action Fund also testified before the Democratic Platform Committee to ensure that repeal of Hyde and a larger vision of RJ was central to its platform.

All* Above All Action Fund contributed to a historic moment for an end to abortion coverage bans when President Biden’s 2022 budget did not include the Hyde Amendment.

Through their Abortion Justice Roadmap, All* Above All campaigned for a federal budget without abortion coverage bans. This was the first Presidential budget without the Hyde Amendment in decades.

The organization is now working with national and state partners to challenge the Supreme Court decision that allowed Texa’s six-week abortion ban, SB8, to stand, and to win passage of the EACH Act to protect the right to abortion for all women. Their efforts are critical as we face a post-Roe v Wade reality with the Supreme Court’s ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization expected in June 2022.