New Georgia Project Action Fund

Atlanta, GA

The New Georgia Project Action Fund is on a mission to increase civic participation of underrepresented & underserved communities of colors. We mobilize by engaging in local and national political campaigns in support of, or opposition to ballot measures, referendums, recalls, initiatives and candidacies for local and state offices.

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Over several years, NGP AF has worked to cultivate a universe of “High Opportunity Voters” who are educated, engaged and informed on the voting process. It aims to move these same voters to become “super voters” over time, including in the 2022 election.

This election cycle, NGP AF knocked on over 2.1 million doors, registered over 40,000 voters, monitored 450 polling places in over 35 counties, held over 230,000 face to face conversations, and over 150,000 pledged to vote and keep in touch with NGP AF.

They engaged the community by hosting many in person events, Fish Frys, Festivals, community meetings, community outreach and proved these efforts effective by seeing a 6% increase in early voting from 2020.

In the Senate runoff, NGP AF is implementing a ”Let’s Run It Back” GOTV campaign to once again engage young people, and Black men to the polls. It plans to knock 1 million doors and reach 100,000 people on the phone with a volunteer phone bank.

NGP AF is expanding its reach outside of the Atlanta Metro area to the surrounding 30+ counties and has a goal of sending over 600 canvassers out to canvass each day. Donate here.