New Virginia Majority

New Virginia Majority

Alexandria, VA

We organize within Latinx, African American, Asian American Pacific Islander, and youth communities, centering the leadership and demands of working-class women of color. Together, we vote, mobilize and engage to end mass incarceration, build just economic policies, protect immigrants and preserve the environment.

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Key Issues
  • Immigrant Justice
  • Racial Justice

With its Blue trifecta at stake, New Virginia Majority faced an important election this year and engaged some 500,000 infrequent voters, who are majority Black, young, or women, and in key communities – voters who typically don’t turn out for “off-year” elections, but whose participation is an essential component of the state’s new progressive majority.

New Virginia Majority
Image courtesy of New Virginia Majority

They were instrumental in the passage of Virginia’s Voting Rights Act to protect community voters and expand ballot access, a landmark victory in the U.S. South. While the trifecta was lost in Virginia, they were responsible, along with GAF grantee partner Black Progressive Action Coalition (BPAC), for the highest ever voter turnout for an off-year election.