Trans United

Trans United Fund

Washington, DC

Trans United is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that partners with visionary transgender leaders and organizations to build the collective capacity of the trans community and to improve the lives of transgender people, our families, and our allies.

Key Issues
  • Trans Justice

The Story of Meet My Child
(An excerpt from the Trans United Fund website)

“In mid-April 2016, a young transgender woman named Keyonna Blakeney was brutally beaten to death on the outskirts of Washington, D.C.

On the very day and time her family and community gathered to memorialize her life, former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz unleashed a multi-million dollar ad buy including an ad specifically demonizing the transgender community.

Members of the Trans United Fund Advisory board were in attendance at the vigil. As we watched a community grieve for a young woman and share their own fear for safety, we knew we had to speak out.

Towards the end of the rally, Zoila, the mother of a young trans girl, stepped up to speak.

As her daughter played nearby, she shared her gratitude for the progress made to date, her fears of what might happen to her daughter, and her fierce and unconditional love and acceptance of you her beautiful little girl.

As we listened to the power of Zoila’s love for her daughter, we knew we needed to amplify her voice and others like her.

So when Senator Ted Cruz had the audacity to release an anti-trans ad attacking trans people on the very day and every hour we stood at a vigil for the ninth trans woman of color murdered this year, we had the courage to fight back.

In just one week, we worked with three young trans people and their mothers to develop a powerful response.

On the week we marked Cruz’s exit in Indiana from the presidential race, we could not think of a more powerful way to send him off.

We shared Meet My Child with the world for Mother’s Day weekend, and through our efforts, we reached over 3 million people with the message of unconditional love for trans children from these devoted moms.”