Wen Brovold

Meet Our Team

Wen Brovold

Director of Communications and Donor Organizing


Drawing from nearly 25 years of communications and fundraising experience in abortion access, queer, racial and social justice, and health-related nonprofits, Wen Brovold gets things done and brings people on board.

Wen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a double minor in Women’s Studies and Queer Theory from Minnesota State University.

They are one of the key architects for the National Network of Abortion Funds nation-wide fund-a-thon, which raises over $2 million annually, and a co-founder of the Pride Collective and Community Center in Fargo, North Dakota — the only LGBTQ community center in the state of North Dakota.

Wen is an adaptable communicator, particularly adept at taking information from the subject matter experts and distilling it so it’s relatable to different subsets of people. Over the course of their career, Wen has provided communications consulting services to Citizens for Juvenile Justice, Surrogacy 360, Seeding Labs, Abortion Care Network, Jewish Children and Family Services, the United States arm of the United Nations Refugee Agency, and many more organizations working to make the world a better place.

In their free time, Wen hangs out with their ridiculous cats and fabulous family and truly believes the key to effective communications is simply listening.