A Revolutionary Premise

Groundswell Action Fund was founded by women of color on a simple but revolutionary premise: those who are most excluded from our democracy should be at the center of transforming it.

Black to the Future

Image courtesy of Black to the Future

We begin from a foundation of shared experience.

Our team’s leadership shares a lived experience with our grantee partners. We understand first-hand the needs and challenges our partners confront in the world and on the front lines.

Groundswell Action Fund (GAF) is committed to an intersectional, whole-person model signified by showing up for our partners with financial resources, and beyond simply cutting a check, in a collective commitment to building power to advance race, gender, and economic justice.

National Domestic Workers Alliance

Image Courtesy of National Domestic Workers Alliance


We believe that accountability is necessary now, and in moving forward.

Today, in the wake of an aggressive advancement of white supremacy and unapologetic misogyny at the highest level of corporate and government structures, we are witnessing historic base-building, organizing, and electoral participation. However, without sustained resourcing, this groundswell will not translate into long-term change, especially for the most vulnerable communities.

That’s why we have clear and public benchmarks we use to keep ourselves accountable to the work at hand. We want to make a new set point in the processes and policies at work in terms of reproductive and social justice.


We follow the lead of our incredible grantees on the path to collective liberation.


The way to freedom for all people is to follow – and fund – those who know the way.

Groundswell provides an essential irrigation system for social justice movements – a channel into which individual donors and foundations can pour resources to reach vital work at the grassroots.