Capacity Building

Invitation only

Groundswell Action Fund stands in the gap for organizations, providing them robust infrastructure support to build their capacity.

Infrastructure support is critical

The health of organizations that are doing year-round electoral organizing is critical to the health of the United States’ democracy.

Boom-and-bust funding that only shows up to elect certain candidates during key election years stresses and cracks organizational staff and infrastructure.

We stand in the gap for organizations, providing them robust infrastructure support in:

  1. Data, Digital, and Tech Infrastructure
  2. Media Amplification
  3. Political Education
  4. Legal Compliance
  5. Electoral Plan and Strategy Development
  6. Lifting Women of Color, Transgender, and Gender Non-Conforming Leadership

How to apply for funding

Groundswell Action Fund has one primary grantmaking round in the fall of each year.

The fund provides general operating grants, capacity-building grants, and project grants, with grant sizes ranging from $30,000-$105,000.

Proposals are by invitation only. However, interested organizations are encouraged to contact Groundswell with a brief summary of their work, and when appropriate, staff will schedule a call to discuss.