All* Above All Action Fund

Washington, DC

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In 2022, as access to abortion care and services are diminishing nationally, All* Above All Action Fund’s work continues to be shaped by a collaborative, long-term vision, and deep community engagement.

The Fund mobilized calls to elected officials locally and at the White House and launched its largest paid media campaign in TX, MI, CO, and NV supporting abortion justice. They also released a comprehensive Action Plan for Abortion Justice, which underscores the needs for access in local communities, affordability and insurance coverage, and safety and dignity in accessing abortion care regardless of a person’s gender, sexual orientation, documentation status, or income.

As 2024 quickly approaching, the Fund commits to leveraging its unique roles as networker, convener, and leader to enact long-term strategy shaped by the people most affected by abortion bans to advance and secure abortion justice across the country for all people.