Mobilizing the Masses to End Systemic Oppression: Freedom Action Now

When Roe fell in 2022, Wisconsin reverted to a criminal abortion ban from 1849, and the state’s Supreme Court election held in 2023 would determine whether or not the ban would hold. Freedom Action Now (FAN) engaged over 80,000 Black and Southeast Asian women and girls, queer, trans, and intersex folx in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race in April of 2023.

FAN is a Black and Southeast Asian Wisconsin-based political organization creating change for the most impacted communities through voter education, leadership development, community organizing, and policy advocacy.

The Black and Southeast Asian population in Wisconsin have been considered “hard to reach” voters and can be the margin of victory in state elections. By activating their base to turn out for the election, FAN contributed to flipping the Supreme Court to a progressive majority, making it possible for the 1849 ban to be reviewed and potentially ended.