Youth Organizing and Defeating Anti-Trans Bills: Alliance for Youth Action

In a year filled with anti-trans legislation, Alliance for Youth Action worked with their partner, New Hampshire Youth Movement, to defeat every anti-trans bill filed in the 2023 legislative session.

Along with coalition partners, they fought against SB 272, an anti-trans forced-outing bill, which was indefinitely postponed at the end of the legislative session in May 2023. Alliance for Youth Action also supported youth organizing and electoral work in Ohio, supporting Amendment 1, an initiative legalizing abortion until fetal viability.

Youth turnout in Ohio was an astounding 54% in an off-term election, compared to the previous 28% in 2018, which is largely considered to yield a higher voter turnout. This outcome shows that investment in youth-led organizations is the vanguard against right-wing attacks on our civil and human rights.