Groundswells 2020-2025 Blueprint is Released


In order to achieve a fair and just society, those who are most excluded from our democracy must be at the center of transforming it.

Groundswell believes that the people living at the sharpest crosshairs of race, class, and gender injustice often have the clearest insight into systemic oppression and the best solutions for dismantling it for all people.

c4 blueprint

Women of color (WOC) generally, and Black women, in particular, are the highest turnout, most progressive voters in the country, and among the most civically engaged in their communities year-round.

The boldness, and the moral and strategic clarity that WOC, Transgender, and Gender-Nonconforming (TGNC) people of color demonstrate in advancing progressive social change – from the ballot box to the policy arena to street protest – is unmatched by any other demographic in the United States. And yet, they are almost completely shut out of the multi-billion-dollar field of “progressive” electoral 501(c)(4) funding.

Read our ambitious plan to move $20 million to the field by the end of 2025.